If EPiServer cmdlets don’t run in Visual Studio 2015…

After I couldn’t get my way around some problems installing some NuGet updates, I finally relented and installed Visual Studio 2015.

That took care of the dependency problems I was having (yay!), but in my over-excited state of having finally installed VS 2015, I forgot to read this part of the link above:

  1. Do the update using Visual Studio 2015 with NuGet Package Manager 3.2 (or later), if available.

You see where I’m going with this.

When I ran cmdlets like “Update-EPiDatabase”, “Initialize-EPiDatabase”, etc., I was seeing that nothing seemed to be happening – no familiar outputs in the Package Manager Console, same error message telling me to upgrade my database, etc.

A friendly tip from a colleague prompted me to update the NuGet Package Manager extension in my VS 2015 instance, and, wouldn’t you know it, I was on version 3.1. As soon as I updated to the latest version, everything worked as usual.

Total PEBKAC/facepalm/RTFM moment for me – don’t let it happen to you, too!

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